Auditory Processing

Improved Listening Impacts Seizure-Induced Learning Disabilities; how using the Interactive Metronome, The Listening Program, my “Brain Awake” strategies and my “Reading is Language” improved Carter’s academic skills. His seizure disorder was controlled by medication which seemed to hinder his academic performance. He had attended a private school for learning disabilities for several years to compensate for his weaknesses. After 18 months of therapy he was able to move from that specialty school back to his neighborhood public school:

Auditory Processing Underlies Academic Performance; how using The Listening Program and my own Reading Is Language Program helped Logan improve academic achievement. Early intervention continued with positive results throughout the child’s academic career. Logan represents a conglomerate of several children with similar auditory and phonemic awareness issues:

Effective Listening to Improve Apraxia of Speech; how using movement in response to a predictable auditory signal with the Interactive Metronome improved articulation and grammar in a middle school child with moderate childhood oral apraxia:

Effective Listening Impacts Self Calming and Social Skills; how using The Listening Program with bone conduction headphones improved a typical 3-year old’s ability to calm himself while handling transitions and ordinary family interactions:


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